Residential Plans

We use the latest in technology to provide you with a great internet package that will handle your needs.

Basic Plan

25 Mbps
$ 45
/ Monthly
  • Download Speed: 25 Mbps
  • Good for homes with 1-2 users that occasionally stream video.

Standard Plan

50 Mbps
$ 60
/ Monthly
  • Download Speed: 50 Mbps
  • Good for homes with multiple users, and that stream HD video on 3-4 devices at a time.
Most Popular

Premium Plan

75 Mbps
$ 75
/ Monthly
  • Download Speed: 75 Mbps
  • Good for home with 5+ users that all stream HD Content and do heavy downloads.
Best value

Want to go even faster?

If one of the plans below doesn’t fit your needs, look into our fiber internet and see what else we might have available. All plans come with unlimited data usage.

Common Questions

No.  Modem is short for modulator-demodulator.  Essentially, it converts the internet signals in your home into a phone signal (for DSL connections) or a TV signal (for coax connections).Our system has no need for this type of converter.  As such you do not need a modem.  You will, however, need a router.  You can provide your own, or you can rent one from us.

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